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So im planning on hitting her he card factory half price sale tomorrow or Tuesday for bits for the December hamper, also going to order our next elf which hopefully will be made by someone at work.

Difference, I'm not going to spend a fortune on others, small gift sets to do the job.

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Hi everyone, was on my phone every hour yesterday waiting for the 2017 thread to be started, husband thought I was mad, but he would as he doesn't have to buy for anyone...looking forward to the bargains again this year, although we are going to my mother in laws for Xmas next year (5 hour drive) so taking all our presents there so hoping to find lots of things in small boxes so they all fit in the car lol x Sent from my i Phone using Netmums So happy there's a new thread haha well I started for Xmas other day brought a mac set, candy floss machine Then went to Boxing Day sales today got all my Xmas cards, streamers, napkins and new tree Dec Got hair straighteners, a fur cardigan and jumper in next sizes, a pink Charlie set x Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Hi ladies Donna Cheryl Sam Laura hope you all had a fantastic Christmas xxx hope all other ladies had a lovely day to xxx mine was fantastic xx Donna some great bargains there from super drug xx ermm Cheryl what a fab start Hun , will be looking myself purchased some lovely purses from river island for small gifts so I've started also will be getting some more bargains this week from sales hopefully xx thank you to all off you for sharing tips , bargains and other things in this thread this year and hope we will all be helping each other for Xmas 2017xxx happy Boxing Day all xxx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Iv bought Yankee candles for birthdays from Clinton cards.

My boy will be 3, 2nd January so buying the last of his presents.

Wishes, I wish for a white Christmas ☃☃☃ Want to have a good plan of what I need to do so have kept all my lists and notes from this year lol.

Yep I'm mad but it keeps me quiet and I'm not hurting anyone .

I've got something new to try, I've told them on the 27th I'm not moving! I do everything for Christmas every year and Boxing Day always consists of lots of playing and assembling so the 27th, food, cleaning and anything else is not my job lol xxx Omg Cheryl! I've just been on super drug website and they've got insane reductions, a lovely gift set was 50 now 15!! Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Ooh can I join 😊 I've started putting money away in an account for 2017.

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