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If you want to disable autostart completely, navigate back to the directory, where you cloned the git-repo in Step 4 and run one of the following command: ./RPi_Cam_Web_Interface_autostart_no -- the interface starts at startup and takes control over the camera (standard) To temporarily start/stop or deinstall: Navigate back to the directory, where you downloaded the installer in Step 4.If you want to stop the interface temporarily, run "./RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_stop". it seems that we have to use "./RPi_Cam_Web_Interface_Installer.sh" for "stop" and "start" instead of "./RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_stop" You may be have to do There is a very active (and long) thread at It is highly configurable and can be extended with the use of macro scripts.

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Clicking on the image will toggle between normal and full screen mode.

BY default it starts up in normal mode but this can be altered by using the config variable fullscreen.

Autostart should be yes if you want this software to start automatically when raspberry boots up. Change it to yes if you have external software that needs direct access to the image file.

A phpversion parameter provides for a choice on which php version to use (5 or 7). If there any difficulties using 7 or when upgrading older systems then try using 5.

The scripts are The main installation always does the same thing to simplify its logic.

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