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Psychedelia and New Journalism, civil rights and the Velvet Underground, JFK and the sexual revolution. Decades before Match.com, Ok Cupid, and Craigslist there existed a different sort of online interaction.

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My parents, who presumably had sex in order to have me, were totally reticent about sex.

They rarely, if ever, hugged in front of me, and if ever the subject did come up they zipped their mouths.

"Someone will talk to you on the private line, and you'll be having a great conversation.

You're chatting for 15 minutes, then all of sudden they may ask for something really obscene."Even 37 years later, many women (and men) who attempt online dating can likely relate to these socially dysfunctional mishaps from certain suitors.

Because when it came to sex, we were, of course, the trailblazers for a completely new attitude, and blazing trails is always horribly uncomfortable.

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