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In early November 2011, the surviving members of 2gether announced they hoped to reunite for a concert in Los Angeles.In early 2012, MTV gave the group the go-ahead to begin production on the reunion mockumentary/movie, but will decide whether to air it at a later date.

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By the time that they reach Jacksonville, Buss discovers to his disgust that Davies had beat him to the show and Whoa is performing.

Buss is about ready to cede defeat when Jerry shows up with Erin and reinvigorates 2gether to perform.

The band debuted in the movie of the same name on MTV; directed by music-video director Nigel Dick, it was actually the first full-length movie produced exclusively for MTV, and was broadcast without interruption on February 21, 2000.

2gether's rival in the movie was popular boy band, Whoa (based on both Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC).

More than a decade later, TMZ reported in January that the remaining members of 2gether struck a deal with MTV to organize and film their own comeback show to air on the network.

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