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The two natural sources are production by cosmic rays in the atmosphere and by natural decay and activation processes in the subsurface.



I have an active imagination fed on rom coms and nuclear family norms, so my pre-date fantasies were a bit domestically aggressive. And then he would be a surprisingly short, Boston a**hole type, who was more on the unemployed side of the freelance-unemployed spectrum than I would have liked.

Him: "Yeah, Mc Fadden's was the best club in Boston.

Now it's closed, so probably Ned Devine's is the best club in Boston. I'll text you tomorrow." 28 HOURS PASS Him: "Hey so sorry to do this but a lot of stuff came up at work so I can't make it.

I'm looking into doing some marketing there." By marketing, he meant having hot chicks pass out free hats with his "brand" on them.

Dinners on Saturday nights on the other side of town. I'm not scheduling my life around dating -- nor am I letting the outcome of particular dates overly weigh on my emotions or hopefulness.

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