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The independent review to be commissioned later this year will include an examination of variation in costs and fees.It will be a key input into any future consideration of the potential benefits and risks of introducing price caps.The policy paper on the affordable childcare scheme, ACS, which the Government approved last October examined the option of imposing price caps on child care providers to prevent the erosion of subsidies through fee inflation.

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Is there going to be any retrospective payback for these families?

Most of those 9,000 families that may not benefit, and who we had anticipated could benefit, would have incomes that are near the maximum income threshold for the affordable child care scheme.

Will those parents then be in a position to get payments backdated if there was a difference in the fees during the year?

They have been disenfranchised in the 12 months from 2017 to 2018.

To ask the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs her views on widespread forecasts that child care fees will increase in September 2017 as a result of increased demand under the single affordable childcare scheme, in view of the fact that up to 9,000 households that were initially promised targeted levels of subsidy will now receive the universal level of subsidy.

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