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) the form, but in those cases, at that time there was a way to complete it online when the test was completed.

Otherwise, when we hit the enrol child button, all we get is details incorrect, invalid or not found.

From a centres point of view, we have to charge you full price until this works, as we have no way of knowing whether you will ever be elligable for CCB and can't risk being left with a big bill - as has happened to many a centre in the past.

with the 2 kits that I did NOT have the release form returned with, they happened to be for my still minor children, so I am definitely OK with limiting information that is "out there". What happens if they don't return that damn release form?

I DO have 1 more kit that needs to be returned for my father (or if he decides not to, I want my grandpa to do it).

Briggy's that is what centrelink themselves told me to do when I was having this same issue, tell the parent to ask to speak to a supervisor!

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