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Wide vaccination against poliomyelitis was introduced in 1962 using the OPV containing Sabin strain LSc-2ab [].Germany changed from an OPV to an IPV vaccination schedule in 1998 because of the risk of vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP).

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In October 2007, during a plenary meeting of the working group CEN/TC 216, it was suggested that the Sabin poliovirus type 1 vaccine LSc-2ab should be replaced by the poliovirus type 1 vaccine strain CHAT.

The reason therefore were difficulties in the availability of the Sabin strain LSc-2ab in some European countries.

In a previous study, the immunity status of 10 members of the laboratory staff with OPV history against CHAT was analysed using neutralisation test to estimate the potential risk of laboratory-associated infections and transmission to the community.

Seven of the samples had the antibody titres against CHAT more than twofold lower than those against poliovirus type 1 Sabin, and three of them had the titres less than 8 [Group I included sera from 41 adults.

To prevent and control the spread of nosocomial viral infections, disinfectants with proven virucidal efficacy must be used.

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