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Adding your child to one of your credit cards gives you the opportunity to teach them about credit and help them begin building a good credit score without fully giving them the responsibility of having to make credit card payments.

Many credit card issuers allow you to add an authorized user to your account - that is a person who's authorized to make charges on the account.

Creditors aren't lenient with mistakes, so you should teach your child that there are serious consequences of misusing a credit card.

It may be better to open a separate account or to add them to a credit card that you seldom use. Or, if you share a credit card with your child, make sure you leave a buffer of available credit so your child's purchases don't push the balance over the credit limit.

Keep in mind that you're responsible for all charges made on your card, even those made by an authorized user, and even if the authorized user has verbally agreed to pay for their charges.

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