Adult dating webmaster program

They wait untill you request a payout then 2 weeks later they send you an email saying your account is banned! I was even collecting the members IPs through my site first before they submitted to friendfinders form.

I was sending around 200-300 visitors a day for about a month.

adult dating webmaster program-2

Here is just one example: They say they will pay for rebills.

Everyone assumes this means they pay for recurring month-to-month billings. Here is a real world example from the traffic I sent them: User 1: Signs up in May and Cancels in December.

As a rule, we give those programs a full year to exhibit some sign of renewed interest that would otherwise prevent their removal.

It is also our policy to remove any program deemed to be engaging in activity considered to be fraudulent or against the best interest of their affiliates.

This is for all adult webmasters out there, Adultfriendfinder's webmaster affiliate program is a big ripoff! They told me my account would be banned and that my monies would be forfited. I really can't believe companies like this get away with this stuff.. After FOUR YEARS, same tactics... anyone step up to stop the deceptive trade practices of AFF ?

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