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The website with the homepage "Adult Dating Pulse" provides content on the pages Attract Women, Adult Dating Misc and Dating Tips.In the following table you'll find the 10 most important pages of Adultdatingpulse.com: The web server used by is located in Great Britain and run by NFOrce Entertainment BV.The study found what everyone in a marriage or long-term relationship already knows: that sexual satisfaction can almost always be measured in direct correlation to relationship happiness.

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But Prof Laumann's survey confirmed my darker, nagging suspicion: that men and women just don't seem to get along very well in Britain today.

Prof Laumann's study also shows that people all over the world are having longer sex lives - the vast majority reported being sexually active well into middle-age and into their eighties."The baby boomers are bringing a, let's call it, 'revitalised' attitude towards sexuality, where they're not content just to sit in a rocking-chair and watch the world go by," says Edward Herold, professor emeritus at the University of Guelph in Ontario."If they're sitting in a rocking chair, I guess they want their partner to be in the rocking-chair with them."Unless they want to end up in that rocking-chair alone, British men and women need to work on revising theory d.

The survey, conducted by Edward Laumann, a sociology professor at the University of Chicago, found that people living in countries with the highest levels of gender equality have the most satisfaction with their relationships and sex lives.

Britain ranked at the bottom of the list of Western nations, with only 59.8 per cent reporting they are happy in bed, and even fewer have good things to say about their relationships.

Dating violence represented 7% of total violent crimes in 2008, and about one quarter of all intimate partner violence (28%) (Table 1).

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