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After all, cars are also sources of conflict as many couples tend to become tense and argue when driving (about directions, speeding, music choice, etc…) but they generally don’t lead to the person in the passenger seat getting depressed. Feeling ignored when your partner is on their phone can feel as bad as being shunned.

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Dealing with the life that's left when you put down the phone is perhaps more difficult and more important.

The call to disconnect cell phone was found in several best sellers of 2011 from Sherry Turkle's Alone Together to William Powers' Hamlet's Blackberry.

For example, watching my TED Talk can help you and your partner improve your psychological health—and it will also give you much to discuss.

For scientifically proven ways to heal from rejection and improve self-esteem, check out I believe that phones and technology are, for many people, an addiction, and like other addictions, people use them to avoid feelings and problems.

Since the publication of Hamlet's Blackberry, many people have followed suit and dedicated time during the week in which they turn off, unplug and walk away from their mobile phones, email and Facebook accounts.

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