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Joseph, Michelle Leha, born 16 January 1981, died 02 January 1998 in California Our Remembrance My sensitive girl, hurt by the lack of love in this world and still she loved too much. Mayher, Dustyn Lynn, born 08 March 1979, died 05 August 2015 in Benton, Arkansas, United States Our Remembrance My Beloved Son, Best Friend, the Joy of my Heart you made me so Proud to be your Dad. Everyday is a step closer to seeing you, hearing you call out to me, "Dad, Dad let`s go." Our time together was cut short yet I had always cherished every moment deep in my heart. There is a void where you used to be that can't be filled.

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We all love and miss you, but it is unbearable when I visit your grave site. He lived life to the fullest, and he was loved and admired by everyone he touched. After going through some difficult life changes and battling depression for several years, Scott lost all hope for the future and took his own life. He enjoyed playing football, La Crosse, spending time with our two dogs CJ and Mason and sitting talking with his sister Sara. She truthfully assures everyone how beautiful,lovely and wonderful and precious they all are, because she doesn't want them to feel the same way she does; The opposite." Amanda you saved 3 lives that I found out about the night of your funeral. Our prayers are that you have found the peace you deserved. We love you forever Johnson, Amber Nicole, born , died 02 Oct, 2017 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida Our Remembrance May your light shine brightly to help others guide the way, I pray you found the peace you so desperately deserved.

I love you, and miss you forever your son, Deondre. Grettner, Sheldon, born , died 11 April 2014 in Washington Our Remembrance Sheldon..were such a wonderful witty & compassionate human being. Scott was a devoted family man who leaves behind his mother, brother, sister, two children, three grandchildren, and many friends and relatives who love him. He is missed very much by his family, he will be in our hearts forever. Hetrick, Terry Jason, born 19 June 1972, died 27 September 2009 in Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance Also known as T. ~ There are no words to describe how much I miss you. This is not goodbye, it's simply so long for now. Darwood, Kit, born 30 June 1983, died 7 October 2006 in Stanley, Durham, England Our Remembrance You can shed tears that he is gone: Or you can smile that he has lived.

Caffrey, Brooke Leigh Telford, born 25 June 1976, died 05 January 2012 in Grand Junction, Colorado Our Remembrance Brooke was a fearless, bold, vibrant woman who served our country for 17 years. I'm sorry you let circumstances define your existence in this lifetime. You can cry and close your mind: Be empty and turn your back.

She is remembered as a free spirit, who made friends with nearly everyone. Olivo, Christopher J., born 07 October 1961, died in Rindge, New Hampshire, USAOur Remembrance : Chris was the funniest smartest person I've ever had the privilege of knowing! Know that you are missed & loved by all that truly knew you. You thought you were doing what was best and right. Or you can do what Kit would want: Smile, open your eyes, love, laugh and go on... Kimbro, Brent Shawn, born 14 July 1961, died 17 September 2001 in Gallatin, Tennessee Our Remembrance Your sweet smile will never be forgotten and your face will forever be etched on our hearts and minds.

Your smile, and warmth will live on through the ages. Nick, Kuhl, born 24 August 1982, died in Yutan, Nebraska, USAOur Remembrance Nick, you changed numerous lives while you were here on earth with us. I know you felt like you were a failure in your parents eyes, but you were a great son. You were the person I could turn to with anything and you'd be there to listen. Wyman, Heather Dawn, born 11 October 1956, died 09 June 2006 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia Our Remembrance Heather was an amazing woman, mother and friend.

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