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I try not to take anything for granted and really focus on each goal and do my best.

What advice do you have to give readers on handling it all?

I mean, not as a “Youtube superstar” haha, but I mean, being able to meet & work with these wonderful & talented singer/songwriters that I’ve watched & was [& still am! C: Well, you can probably see me next on a You Tube video! Other than that, I have a few shows lined up for the next couple of months.

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As an individual, my projects consist of video collaborations, upcoming performances and teaching dance.

I met Cathy almost a year ago at my cousin’s wedding in California last December.

She was one of the lead vocalists in the band performing and she blew us all away with her voice.

A couple months after the wedding, my brother and I were reminicing about that night and wondered what the name of the band from that night was when we somehow stumbled upon Cathy’s You Tube page.

Rafael has more than 110,000 subscribers on You Tube, and more than 3 million channel views.

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