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This document will expire as APA Policy by February 2021.

After this date, users should contact the APA Practice Directorate to determine whether this document remains in effect. Individuals with disabilities and their advocates have worked for more than 40 years to eliminate attitudinal and physical barriers, to be fully included in all aspects of society, and to secure the freedom to choose their own futures (Jaeger & Bowman, 2005; Priestley, 2001; Switzer, 2008).

Accordingly, although our Guidelines apply to persons with all types of disabilities, including mental health, we emphasize issues of disability arising from the impairments which are less known to psychologists, such as mobility, sensory, communication, and neurological impairments.

We also focus on environmental factors that influence all disabilities and accommodations that mitigate them.

Approximately one in five Americans or roughly 50 million Americans are currently living with a disability (U. Their efforts facilitated the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

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