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They key is used from the is used to achieve the same goal but it opens in a new screen altogether.Your nested sub screens might not inherit the theme or show up the action bar (this depends upon the theme). Here are some threads that might help you get to know more about and solve this problem: The proposed solutions are hacks to get around the bugs, like creating new Activities with Intents for every sub screen.or changing preferences that’ll make the app behave differently because of various contexts you set like your name, profile pic, gender, birth date, etc.

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“%s” or “%1$s”), then the current entry value will be substituted in its place when it’s retrieved.

As a result, if you set “summary” that contains “%” char (like "5%"), you can have

To do this, create an XML resource in Each setting item in the list is a Preference object. The value is saved as key-value pairs in a default Shared Preferences file.

So basically any changes you make goes into Shared Preferences as a boolean, float, int, Long, String or String set.

So I changed it this way and works the way I need it. In the on Shared Preference Change Listener I just check the key of what is getting changed and then for List Preferences convert it back to the Human readable (entry instead of entry Value) with the if statements. public class My Preferences extends Preference Fragment implements On Shared Preference Change Listener{ public void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) @Override public void on Shared Preference Changed(Shared Preferences shared Preferences, String key) { if(key.equals("frequency_key")) focusmodes = Supported Focus Modes(); if (focusmodes !

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