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Your married friends get a little nervous that it's contagious, and your single friends [react differently]."Stern, of course, steered to the conversation back to more perverse territories. You're open-minded and you feel good about yourself," she explained.

"I can't believe that getting back to sex makes me feel better than [talking about my relationships]," Poehler said, laughing. "There's not a lot of shame or judgment in any of it.""In general, anyone with a bad sense of humor is a real turnoff," she said.

alongside co-star Adam Scott on Wednesday (September 11) in Pasadena, Calif. ’” “When you’re a twerking mother, balance is really important because you don’t want to go too low and blow out your butt and bust your knee,” she added about balancing work and being a mom. What I do is, I don’t bring my boys with me when I’m twerking.

The 41-year-old actress was seen arriving on a flight at LAX Airport earlier in the week. News and she went on a hilarious rant about twerking!

On , we always do — we call it a “fun run,” where we do a take where anything goes, and the joke is the fun runs are always longer and less funny, because the scripts that those guys write are so perfect.

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