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In the way clichés are so true, I could not have imagined what 29 years might look like.

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) dollar range, which is unbelievable considering the original budget was $685,000. There’s definitely a market for it on home video, especially for those of us that love having a home 3D set-up.

I wonder if modern audiences would care to see DAWN this way, or if it’s mostly only appealing to the die-hard horror fans? It was just announced that a new 4K restored version was coming to Blu-Ray but in Italy.

At the time, he had teamed with a Korea-based company called Stereo Pictures Media, Inc to test out several minutes of footage to see what it would look like, and surprisingly, because of the way Romero had composed all his shots, the film very openly lent itself to the 3D format. Rubenstein took the stage to intro the film for its U. premiere at the Egyptian Theater on Saturday, October 8 to a packed house and explained the long journey to get to this screening.

The project continued and we heard very little about it except for a report from Comic-Con back in 2013 that stated it was “close to competition.” Then, again… I was just wondering aloud on a recent episode of the Shock Waves podcast what ever happened to DAWN OF THE DEAD 3D? He wanted to make clear that nothing about the film had been altered editing-wise.

Peter playing tennis on the rooftop is another example.

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