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If you’re considering hooking up with someone you work with (even if “considering” = creepily staring at from across the room, completely unbeknownst to that person), I strongly advise you read these tips first. One of the great injustices of society is that most of us are expected to show up someplace 5 days a week and perform a task in exchange for money.

It sucks, but until we all leave to form a Utopian Society on Mars, that’s the way it’s going to be. “My ex-girlfriend would come to my office, and when I told her I was busy, she would get offended,” said one guy I talked to.

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Spend your breaks with fun or uplifting coworkers and steer the conversation toward topics that will enrich your lives. By stooping to their level, you will be perpetuating the drama.

If one of them has the nerve to talk to you directly instead of just gossiping behind your back, don't give them anything to use against you when they return to their gossiping mates.

But communicating via company email system is dicey, and any email you open on your computer screen can be too easily read by a co-worker.

Send each other text messages instead — not too often, but enough to keep things interesting.

Whether the scuttlebutt is juicy and titillating or mean-spirited and malicious, you do not want to be at the center of the buzz. Backstabbing co-workers get their jollies from your misery, so don't give them anything to work with.

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