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I walked back to my hotel though the streets of Paris from Macron's party at the Louvre wondering why I felt strange. There was never any doubt about the result, confirmed by the immaculately planned staging at the Louvre for a candidate guaranteed a win.

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But stood silent when there was a power-cut and the music failed. Two minutes from the choreographed celebrations - no one seemed to care. I reflected on the mass protests in Venezuela, the ferocity of the Arab Spring, the defiance of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. I sat in a bar and watched Macron walk the long walk to the stage at the Louvre. This will be a lonely walk for him one day in the other direction. People with battered Union flags flung over shoulders, memories of blue passports, proud of their pound, pictures in their wallet of their grandad in his service uniform. Fear of 'the other' has led Metropolitan France to make a hollow decision. The division between Paris and the rest of France is as searing as London and the rest of the UK. The rest of France voted very differently to Paris. The legislative elections are in one month and at present he doesn't have a single representative. When he got to "France is France", I had had my fill.

He chose the EU national anthem - Ode to Joy - for his walk. They live with the daily reality of the decisions made by wealthy politicians. And Le Pen is gaining hard - she won 10.7million votes. I asked the barman if he was happy, if the right guy had won.

A Lancastrian who joined the Post Office after leaving grammar school Ken’s career progressed through postal operations grades and he became Manchester’s youngest ever Assistant Head Postmaster in 1973 (at the age of 34).

After two stints as an Operations Controller, in Eastern Postal Region and later with North East Postal Board, split by a spell as Head Postmaster Sheffield Ken returned to Manchester as the District Head Postmaster (one of the UK’s big five offices).

His tour as Commander consolidated such changes and spread the ethos throughout 1 PC Group).

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