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“With The Saturdays it was always a five-way thing and we’d do majority rules but when it’s you on your own you really have to think about it.

“But it’s got it’s bonuses as well in that you can do exactly what you want you want to do, you don’t have to compromise anymore even with stuff like the artwork and choreography.

“Hopefully I’ll just be able to have fun and enjoy it and I hope the viewers do as well.” She’s already set up a Whatsapp group with her fellow contestants including Debbie Mc Gee, Alexandra Burke, Ruth Langsford and Rev. “We’re already chatting on it and its booming, people are chatting on it all the time, sending pictures and taking the mickey out of each other,” she said.

King released her second solo single, Hair Down, earlier this month, ahead of her debut solo album release later this year.

"She wants it to be a really special cosy occasion.

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