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From birth he was always a very unsettled whingey baby, The only way that I could get him to settle and sleep was to have the hoover running.The minute it turned off he would be awake and crying again.Good luck Berni Hi My son is 4 and was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of 3 as i knew he wasnt luke his sister i knew something. My son walks on his tip toes this is quite common he dosent take it well when there is routine change. Has started making baby noises He is very ahead of others in his playgroup has beem writing his full name since he was 3 knew all shapes colours and alphabet at 2 and a half.

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- very clingy and would cry at any strangers face until she was about 10-12 months old.

- very vocal: she cried A LOT, almost to a depressing degree - spent a lot of time with objects, looking at 'how they worked'.

These are the things that are 'red flags' in my head - Ever since she was tiny, she has 'rocked' rhythmically on the floor from side to side, as if rolling, often when there is a loud noise in the room.

This is not a distressed movement, it seems to make her happy.

She could scream about them for 45 minutes) - I find I have to 'over explain' things a lot.

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