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A plant’s growth and flourishing is a slow and drawn out process.Hashem could easily have brought about an instantaneous salvation had He so desired.Getting to know a person from the inside out, allowing their neshama to shine will usually result in a far more positive view of the purely physical aspect of that person.

And if everyone puts their very best picture on their online dating profile (and why wouldn’t they?

), then anyone trying to estimate the distribution of attractiveness using dating profile pictures will almost certainly overestimate the average level of attractiveness for people of that gender who are searching on that market.

It is little wonder that the Hebrew words for awe and seeing, Yirah and Re’iya, have the same root.

When we see each other superficially, but fail to perceive the inherent greatness and uniqueness lying therein, we remain in the limitations (Mitzraim) of the plague of darkness.

Curiosity allows the other to reveal his/her inner self without feeling subjected to an interrogation, without a feeling of defensiveness.

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