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Overall, the functionality and interface of Instant Checkmate is easy to navigate and is simple for the end-user.However, when we ran a query it took considerably longer than any of the other sites to bring back the results.The Interface looks very similar to US Search (see below), so it is also easy to navigate and get around.

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One thing that I like about the site is that it offers alternative individuals whom you may be searching for.

The average user is going to expect to only receive a single hit on the exact person they are trying to locate; however, as a private investigator, I would rather get 5-10 possible people so that I can make that decision rather than a database.

To help you understand the basics and get the best information possible, we have reviewed nine of the top brands to find the best background check companies for your needs.

Before we get started, our disclaimer is that every search will yield varying accuracy in its results.

So use these background check websites with the understanding that you are getting what you pay for.

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