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With Invading dragons have razed the Earth, human civilization has collapsed, and survivors have taken to living out the remainder of their days in capsules in outer space. Their challenging gameplay, killer soundtracks, and retro graphics keep me coming back for more all the time.

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The sales pitch was—as expected from a marketer attending E3—really solid: put your gaming hardware on the wall.

It'll make less clutter with the wires, decrease the chance of misplacing controllers, and it'll look sexy in the process.

We feel the urge to talk about the gameplay, stories, and audiovisual symphonies that whisk us away through adventures both big and small.

That's why I write about them: because there has to be some place for these thoughts to go.

In actuality, it's only been about seven years, but given all of the delays the game has been through, it's not hard to see why it feels like an eternity. So come with me on a journey through the world of 1930s animation as we make a deal with the devil in During E3, our team stumbled across HIDEit Mounts, a company that essentially takes your consoles off of your tables and shelves and put them on the wall.

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