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One can quickly see that the development purpose of the pedal is to compact all the components in order to fit tightly in the enclosure.

Everything is very close, the capacitors are ceramics that are not very space consuming, mylar capacitors for the same reason, and separate PCB for the power supply, knobs and switch which are disposed vertically above the main PCB!

The original three pedals have gone on to become rare classics, commanding high prices on the vintage gear market.

The reissue OD-1, PH-1, and SP-1 pedals are produced exactly as the originals were, with wiring and circuit adjustment performed by hand on a special production line in Japan.

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The PCB layout is really 80s-style, with really curvy, almost psychedelic tracks! Inside, it is quite a mess, there are a lot of joyful wires going everywhere, and we can see the crowded components above de PCB: DD2 production was stopped in 1986, then reissued under the DD3 name.

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