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He called me the next morning to berrate me some more and criticize me telling me he was talking to himself since I wasn't responding. And I bought him all these gifts I now have to return. On top of it he owes me $2000 that he kept from an insurance claim he got back after I got my purse stolen. Find a real man who would cherish you and forget this tool, after you call the police and get your money back. He had 2-5 profiles on many different sites and he'd claim they were old and lost the pw. I suffered for so long and his own friends at his uni were sending me links to his profiles and more. A few even contacted me and some launched attacks on him to get revenge.

When I began telling him how I felt, how I've given everthing that I could to him and to our relationship, he cut me off and said: "I don't want to get into that discussion with you". x I know how you feel, my ex done the same he was never physical or verbal abusive 2 me but the date sites i couldn`t cope with now we have split up i gave him 6mths 2 get his **** 2gether or no more we see each other often but i won`t go bk 2 him till he has sorted out his life i say remove the past b4 moving 4ward which i done when my marrage broke down i stayed single over 4 years so i could remove every thing and not take 4ward 2 future relationships i told my ex i married an **** hole i don`t need another in my life i`m so much stronger now, he realises wht he had and as hard as it sounds i`m sorry but i won`t be made a fool of or be on any mans arm while he rsearches dates sites 4 the next best thing i deserve better than that i hope all works out 4 u ***** Wow my ex was named "Anmol Chandan"!!!! So many at his uni hate him now and he's made a joke of himself.

He rushes me through sex so I’ll fall asleep afterward, and he can then log onto his chat sites. The whole truth is that there’s no reason a guy in a serious, monogamous relationship should EVER be visiting those sites unless the relationship is finished.

If I happen to wake up to go to the bathroom, he pulls up another screen so it doesn’t look like he’s chatting and waits for me to lie back down before he goes back to it. A healthy relationship has trust, companionship, respect, love, and intimacy. MOA, LW, and give that loser boyfriend of yours a legitimate reason to cruise the singles sites.

He lives an hour away from me and I'm always going to his house because he says my house is too much of a mess.

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