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The Sennas contacted Ecclestone, who owns the entire F1 film archive, asking him to help.

Pandey was on holiday in Tobago with his wife and 11-week-old son when he got a call saying, 'Bernie needs to see you in London right away’ – so he rushed back for what turned out be a 17-minute meeting.

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Eric Fellner, from Working Title, the film’s co-producer, thought they were mad.

'I didn’t fight it, because I always like to believe in the director’s point of view, but I didn’t agree,’ he says.

It’s a primeval story about man, his journey throughout life where success and failure are just moments that will ultimately lead him to death.

In my experience, very few deaths – even dying of old age – are timely.’ The film takes the form of a journey in three acts – Senna’s rise to the top, his struggle to stay there, and his death – focusing particularly on the five years from 1989, and his rivalry with the four-times world champion Alain Prost. As well as archive footage from the pits, the track and in-car camera, some funny Brazilian TV of Senna dancing with his girlfriend Xuxa, and his family holiday movies, we see some amazing film from the drivers’ meetings, the obligatory pre-race briefings that take place before every grand prix.

In Brazil three days of national mourning were declared – three days!

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