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Record players, for example, are perfect for small objects. You’ve done an impressive joband our entire community will probably be grateful to you.crackwindowsthans for shear God bless you Very nice! While we do industrial grade 3d scanning services, the machines are prohibitively expensive. Is the distance between Laser and Camera important? Because I tried it and the resulting 3-D scan is wrong and I am looking for the reason. Does anyone know how to scan big Objects, does it need Calibration patterns? This is truly the post that inspired me to play around with laser scanning.

This seems to be a nice setup that can be affordably used to scan objects that do not require high accuracy or resolution. Does anyone know how to scan by moving camera and laser, for example scanning big objects. I've been working implementing a DAVID laser scanner setup and I'm going to motorize the stage and laser with Arduino.

Is there a sample AVI file you could upload to run through with the MATLAB code to get a better feel for how the code works with the proper setup?

After rereading your post, I think you might run into some issues with the polar to Cartesian plane conversions, unless you plan to clean up the model manually between the scan and print functions.

Also, if you plan to scan in the same place you print, you would probably need a pretty sophisticated printing/scanning bed for it to support both Cartesian movement and polar rotation.

Of course, if your printer is polar, then you have nothing to worry cams have 50% of the sensors green 25% red 25 % gets you more pixels..your best bet is a monochrome cam and a blue laser (due to extreemly thin line compared to red or green).

ive seen scans of the surface of a penny with that kind of setup and the david software , that were incredible. I am from China,maybe you have hear it before,reading in English is rather hard for me.

After all, rotation is completely relative, without a static reference point, (which this does not have/use) there is no way to tell which item is rotating.

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