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The bad guys use combo jack hammers/machine guns to hijack the limo.- The credits are in Spanish, though the dialogue is the same dubbed English as in MST3K. Frank and "Barber Shop Quartet guy" actually sabotage the death ray.For a concept, item, or location, rather than a person, see Cryptic Background Reference.

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Sometimes the character is never seen because the viewer is, in essence, this character (and thus share viewpoints). Not the Great Gazoo, but occurs in similar range of plot devices.

In this case the viewers are probably being used as The Watson. See also He Who Must Not Be Seen and Nothing Is Scarier (for when a character remains unseen for the Rule of Scary).

- Ever wonder why the bad guys don't steal the peace loving" death ray when they kidnap Dr. Brian in video booth staggers to the console and remotely closing the door--trapping "SQ" guy who gets shot by Frank.

Frank shoots the security guard on the phone as they bust through the lift gate as they escape.

If Michael Caine and Andre the Giant had a child - LOL - Also the host segment with the death ray - LOL - Every time something bad happens to Crow and he starts screaming I lose it, I just can't stop laughing for time after that.

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