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VICEROY DRY SHAVER (SPRING LOADED), 1936 Non-electric razor with cutter driven by friction motor and external hand-crank.

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Yet, far from being a helpless princess, she turned out to be the killer, silencing friends who knew a secret from her past (and it’s not that she used to be a Deal Or No Deal girl).

Meghan stole another 30-second scene when she appeared in the 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses, starring Jennifer Aniston.

Seen here holding a bottle of perfume, Meghan played fashion model Kirsten in the 2015 film Anti-Social, a low-budget British movie based on a spate of real jewellery heists in London. Meghan may soon have her hands on all the (non-stolen) diamonds she’ll ever want.

Meghan’s character was the love interest of Dee, a talented Banksy-type graffiti artist, who was sucked into crime. Last year, Meghan made a romantic TV movie for the Hallmark channel, with the starring role in Dater’s Handbook.

The programme ran for three years and two series on the Fox network in America.

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