Chantal obrien dating

I was very surprised."Do you have any advice for them?

"I think just to tune out everything except for them and their relationship will really be key.

I would like to think they will work out because he had strong feelings for her, as you can see.

I am completely over Brad, but going back and watching the tape was emotional because I was reminded of what I was feeling at that time, how crushed I felt, and how hopeless I felt at thinking, 'Am I ever going to meet someone?

' A lot of the emotions you saw in that was me thinking of how horrible a place I was in at that moment; that's what really affected me.

came to a heartbreaking end in South Africa when Brad Womack chose to send her home and propose to fellow finalist Emily Maynard instead.

The 28-year-old from Seattle, WA, had developed a chemistry with Brad early in the season, and confessed that she loved him during their trip to Costa Rica.

Obviously they feel something special towards each other so you have to move on and try to be as normal as possible."You revealed last night that you are in a new relationship so why were you crying about Brad on was because I had just seen the letdown for the first time so I was more crying at seeing myself cry, which wasn't so easy to do.

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