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because innocence is sexier than you think." Whenever you finish barfing, consider that this commercial not only represents the exploitation and loss of innocence that he fears for his daughter at the hands of the KGB, but also exactly the sort of exploitation he's about to practice if he seduces the teenage daughter of a key CIA agent.

To be clear, that is exactly what the Jennings are planning. "We've never used someone this young before." The conversation ends abruptly when Paige gets home from youth group, and Elizabeth asks what she wants to do for her birthday. Back in Soviet prison, Nina is still wearing her totally adorable tracksuit when she gets called in for another meeting with Oleg's dad.

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"There's one person no one can resist, and that's a baby," says the completely out-of-control commercial that Philip watches this week.

As a sexy teen model in a white dress tongues a lollipop, the ad promises its body spray will deliver "the innocent scent of a cuddly, clean baby that grew up very sexy …

It's okay, though, because he's just being honest, as though honesty were some magical panacea that could wash over his misdeeds and their failed relationship and wipe it clean; as though he is doing her some sort of favor by dropping painful and unnecessary bombs about a relationship that is long over now, on a woman who desperately wants to move on.

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