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The Business Nickel Calling Plan gives you a free block of interstate long distance minutes per month, shared across your phone lines.The number of free minutes is based on how many local service lines you subscribe to.

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Minute Packs provide the flexibility of a flat, monthly price for the amount of long distance you need for lower per-minute rates. Cox Business Minute Packs provide Cox Business customers the flexibility to choose increasingly larger blocks of interstate and intrastate long distance and toll free service minutes at decreasing rates.

All Minute Packs are available in one-, two-, three-, four- or five-year term commitment plans.

The Plan authorizes direct-dialed interstate calls and will not apply to the following calls, services or applications and cannot be used in conjunction with: collect calls; calling card; calls to 555, 700, 900, 976 services; third number billed; directory assistance and directory assistance call completion; emergency interrupt; repeat call, return calls (per activation); person-to-person calls; busy line verification; intercept call completion; operator handled calls; three-way calling (per activation); call centers; automatic dialing equipment.

Best for: Businesses that place frequent long distance calls, but in amounts that vary from month to month.

Rates: Note: The Business Nickel Calling Plan is available to all customers who subscribe to Cox local service and choose Cox as both their PIC and LPIC provider. There may be additional optional plans for your area. The Term will commence on the first day of the next complete billing month following the execution of this Business Nickel Calling Plan ("Plan").

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