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If you thought coming up with a trendy wedding hashtag, using only e-vites, and having charging booths at your wedding meant you were having tech-filled nuptials, you've just nicked the tip of the iceberg.

Heck, a couple just got married in virtual reality this summer!

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Best for keeping your planning crew informed and on point: Google Drive Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, photos—anything and everything can be uploaded, stored, and shared in Drive for seamless viewing and editing by anyone with a Gmail account.

(So, anyone.) Want to pull up your guest list, budget, vendor contacts, or decor inspo during a venue walk-through? Need to share important dates with your fiancé, parents, and planner?

You can even embed links to Kayak for flight bookings and Google Maps for directions.8.

Best for tracking your spending in life, and on the wedding: Mint While not made specifically with weddings in mind, Mint is a popular free money-management site for a reason: It's easy to use, syncing with your bank account and credit cards so you can monitor your spending and move funds around as needed.

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