Christian dating websites uk reviews normal dating behavior

Read Full Review Written on: 24/03/2016 I was Thrown of it because l complained about people making jokes and putting people down I was told not to go back they even sent me my cousins email address thinking it was me ,,, No wonder 4 Board members resigned recently this is 2016 I was told by administrater not to go back you do not get lots of emails to contact people as they limit you Shame of you Christian connection more like a money making machine avoid this site ,give it time it will run out of members Written on: 31/03/2016 Agree all the way after a recent short period using cc I found half a dozen unsavoury characters on the boards acting like they owned them lol I blocked each of the trolls which seemed to upset them more!

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I attempted to make an account twice and each time I had my account closed for unknown reasons.

They finally informed It was because I included my email on my profile below my picture which of course I understood once they explained.

I think the membership rate is too high, it's putting people off becoming…

Read Full Review My account was abruptly closed down even without investigating on both sides simply because someone had grudges against me. Even Jesus said that we should not judge others !!!!!!

Ive tried searching further a field as theyve suggested but still no response and one that ive seen in london (i live in birmingham) emailed him back and forth only for him less than a week later to turn around and email me that he cant contact me anymore because of the distance. Read Full Review Written on: 17/09/2015 To be honest most of the women on there are no different.

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