Company of heroes opposing fronts validating media problem

Simply email [email protected] request warranty service — just have your Amazon order number and (if possible) product serial number handy.Normally I’m quite a calm relaxed user, able to handle even the toughest problems dished out by computer software without losing my cool… Upon opening the game the "html" looking window opens up (the one telling you which patch etc. Then the game itself opens up to that real pretty intro screen with the loading bar.

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This happens so that non-expansion players can play with other expansion players and – in theory – players can upgrade to a purchased expansion by entering a product key from the newer release. The only way I’m going to be able to install this patch is to use the in-game downloader and then packet sniff the traffic with tcpdump or wireshark and see what URL the patch is being downloaded from and save a local copy.

However, they managed to fuck this up, so that after I installed the original Co H, applied *all* patches and then entered my product key for the Opposing Fronts expansion, it unlocked only part of the content. I can solve this, but it’s just a PITA and could really be avoided if they didn’t force patches onto users so much since I don’t often use the online play features. Product version lies And to make product patching even more fun, the version number lies.

It is possible to trick this to allow you to play without updating by pulling your network connection or writing some firewall rules to block the connection back to the game servers, which will then cause the game to prompt for the install DVD, but it’s all hassle that shouldn’t be required.

Of course, that is assuming that the disk verification actually works!

However, this patch won’t work if I attempt to patch the install from the opposing fronts disk. They can’t both be version, since they exhibit different behaviours.

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