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The Flash writer stores all notes on a memory card.

The Stentura 6000LX can store up to 900 pages in RAM; the 6000 is rumored to store 200 pages ...

If it is less, no support contract (at least, not through Stenograph). If you wish to know how much memory your Stentura 8000 has, the Stenograph support page has these instructions: When you start out, your 8000's screen will look like this: Displaying the Stentura 8000's Memory: Start Here From the opening menu, choose More.

Displaying the Stentura 8000's Memory: After More has been pressed Now choose Diag.

They then offered support for the now orphaned writers (they had the parts, after all), and a discount to have these new (albeit unwilling) suckers -- er, customers -- upgrade to Stenograph's latest machines.

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