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Ironically Midlife Crisis is a loss of personal power; an MLCer gives up power over his emotions, and reacts. Use his trust to gently guide him toward internal Faith and Self-worth through your positive actions and responses--be an example. He has no answers, only questions; he is lost and confused, and ironically he will cycle at times being unaware of his confusion and at other times frustrated and angry in those moments where he realizes the problems lie within himself.He will yield power, though unknowingly, to the person of strength. Since he is confused and yet denying it to himself and others, when you ask questions he will feel cornered and forced to answer.the WEDGWOOD mark is found on useful wares between 17 and on all wares produced thereafter until the sans serif version of the mark was introduced in 1929It was in 1769 that he formed two partnerships, Wedgwood and Bentley produced decorative ware with his good friend, Thomas Bentley.

In fact Christmas thimbles dated 1990 still use WEDGWOOD ENGLAND] Before the advent of the dating system in 1860 one must look to other clues to date pieces described as marked WEDGWOOD only. Solid Black Jasper was produced between 1778 and about 1826; the white body dipped in black between 17 with production resumed in 1844 and continuing to the moderm era.

They feel presently controlled and that they have lead a passive existence, of external control.

If the person of strength praises and shows confidence in him, the MLCer can learn to believe those positives. Remember that Midlife Crisis Takes TIME The purpose of Standing Actions is not immediate progress or results toward reconciliation.

You are building a foundation of strength within yourself; the immediate MLCer reactions to this early structure may have been positive.

The resulting mark was often uneven and sometime arced.

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