Congress passed law 2016 mandating bulbs

Ohio considered a robust catalogue of luminaries for representation at the capitol. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, mentioned “Neil Armstrong and 23 other astronauts.” He discussed Ohio’s eight presidents -- though a statue of President James Garfield already graces the Capitol Rotunda. But I think we got it right,” said Portman of Ohio settling on Edison.

104) Authorizes the Secretary to establish a corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) credit trading program that allows manufacturers whose automobiles exceed prescribed average fuel economy standards to earn credits to: (1) be sold to manufacturers whose automobiles fail to achieve such standards; or (2) apply them within that manufacturer's fleet to a compliance category of automobiles that fails to achieve such standards.(Sec.

105) Instructs the Secretary to develop and implement a program to require manufacturers to: (1) label new automobiles sold in the United States with information and a rating system on an automobile's performance on the basis of criteria reflecting fuel economy and greenhouse gas and other emissions; and (2) include pertinent information in the owner's manual for vehicles capable of operating on alternative fuels.

102) Amends federal transportation law to instruct the Secretary of Transportation (Secretary in this title) to prescribe separate average fuel economy standards for passenger and for non-passenger automobiles for model years 2011-2030.

Repeals the current requirement that the average fuel economy standard for passenger automobiles manufactured after model year 1984 be 27.5 miles per gallon.

Tesla says Edison offered him “$50,000” for the gig, though Edison didn’t have that sort of cash.

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