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You might need to try a few different cups to find one that works for your child. You can give your 6-month-old juice, but serve only 100% fruit juice, not juice drinks or powdered drink mixes.

Once your little one gets the hang of eating cereal off a spoon, it may be time to introduce single-ingredient puréed vegetables, fruit, or meat.

The order in which foods are introduced doesn't matter, but go slow.

Your baby might take a little while to "learn" how to eat solids.

During these months, you'll still be providing the usual feedings of breast milk or formula, so don't be concerned if your baby refuses certain foods at first or doesn't seem interested. Kids are at higher risk of developing food allergies if one or more close family members have allergies or allergy-related conditions, like food allergies, eczema, or asthma.

Talk to your doctor about how and when to introduce these foods to your child.

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