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It conforms perfectly to my face instead of my having to find a way to get my face to conform to it. Had to finally return m ask but may try again after some additional upgrades or changes. shopping was a breeze fast delivery and I love love love my new soft cloth nasal mask - this is actually marks wife I ordered it for me, I am the one with sleep apnea and the hard plastic nasal mask I had was ok but this is super great!!

The company hopes the Airings will retail for about $3 or $.60 if insurance covers the usual 80%.

This translates into an annual price of about $1,100, before insurance.

The vents that allow air flow into and out of the device have also been tested and seem to work just fine when someone is breathing through the prototype.

The micro-blowers that generate the air pressure, the key technology in the device, are in the proof of concept development stage.

I am, like many of you, my dear readers, a CPAP failure.

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