Craigslist dating tips

Paying for items on Craigslist or in person isn't as clear cut as you'd hope.There are plenty of scams centered on the various payment types.To hide your phone number, you use an app like Burner or service like

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If you're looking to buy or sell used items, from cars and furniture to books and movies, Craigslist is probably the first place you visit.

As the world's biggest online classified site, there isn't much you can't find, including entire towns for sale, and it has listings for just about any location.

Craigslist does help out by hiding your email address in your posts, but you want to contact a buyer or seller directly, or post a phone number, you can still give it away.

For email, you can create a free Webmail account through Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo that's entirely for this purpose.

Just recently, a Colorado woman lost her unborn baby, and almost her life, in a brutal attack when she arrived at a woman's home to buy baby clothes and the woman turned out to be a psycho.

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