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LV and orthoptics are specialty areas, saying every optom can do them is like saying every MD can do a cardio bypass shunt surgery or neurosurgery.

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YOU HAVE MONEY TO SUBSCRIBE TO A DATA PLAN WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN READ? THINKING YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED ONLY TO BE BROWSING WITH YOUR AIRTIME. And if the act establishing these professions is amended tomorrow, this discourse becomes a history le SSONOPTICIANRYAn optician is a professional who is trained in dispensing optics, and is capable of receiving, interpreting and supplying ophthalmic lenses ; spectacles, contact lenses and low vision aids.

Two individuals with the same qualification in different countries may offer differing level of care.

GREY AREAS AND HOTSPOTSThe optician and optom have overlapping points and it breeds conflict often.

Most optom send their jobs to opticians but this doesn't stop the optician from engaging in illicit behaviour such as refracting patients and giving drugs.

Considering the fact that he is often in a general hospital, most patients get to meet him first thus bypassing the optom.

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