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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage is in trouble…serious trouble.

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There have been whisperings over the years that Tom Hanks has a serious temper and is a very controlling hubby when it comes to wife Rita, but nine times out of ten we all choose to not believe them. According to a bombshell new report in the latest edition of Star Magazine, there is actually a lot more truth to the whispers than any of us realized – and the actor we see beaming on the red carpet is not the same man Rita Wilson has to deal with behind closed doors.

The February 16th edition of Star Magazine reveals, “Tom and Rita have both been good at biting their tongues for years, but it has reached a point where they have started to let loose at each other when they are out of the public eye. ” Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married for years; they are probably one of the longest-lasting Hollywood couples left, but it sounds like all of that is about to change.

Moreover, to paraphrase Zsa Zsa Gabor, what good was something hard on your finger when your man has gone soft, even after a double dose of Viagra?

But in some instances, sexual rejuvenation is not something to be wished.

Her husband had already had five boys by his first wife, and wasn’t keen for more children. One Christmas, I received a Hussar’s uniform, complete with a sabre he wanted me to rattle.

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