Dating a european

The accents are certainly sexy, but like any relationship, it’s one of the aspects that may tend to fizzle out after the honeymoon stage.“Babe, I think your friends are great, but if they continue to keep getting this crazy drunk, me and my friends are gonna wanna not go out partying with y’all anymore.” “Gonna wanna? I don’t remember those words being in the TOEFL…” .

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“Hey sweetie, can you help me choose what shirt to wear tonight? When we girls think of European men, one of the dirty secrets we think of how sensual and romantic they are.

It’s true that European men love women: their essence, their energy, and their feminine allure.

Like many recent graduates, I spent some time in Europe.

It was on an epic train ride in Spain that I met a beautiful man, who I mistook for Moroccan.

Every student in Germany is required by the education system to enroll in a ballroom dancing course, just as mandatory as PE was for you back in grade school.

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