Dating a heroin junky

Made my nose and throat itchy and tense for the rest of the day, and I usually don't have any allergies or perfume sensitivities. My first great perfume love, and she deserves - no, demands! Look away now if you dropped in for a quick heads up on top notes, sillage and longevity, folks :-) I bought her aged 15 (way back in '92) with my earnings from a Saturday job in a hair salon. It conjured up images of the Wicked Queen from Snow White gazing in to her magic mirror or a 1940s Hollywood siren sitting in her dressing room and putting in her diamond earrings, applying her scarlet lipstick, done with a secretive smile on her lips as she contemplates which lucky fella she might seduce tonight. But at home, when I finally unwrapped my exciting new gift to myself, it was love, lust, enchantment and infatuation from first spray. Poison purred on my skin and she whispered of opulence, decadence, debauchery, of old fashioned glamour and the dark side of female sexuality - everything a bored working class teenager who was longing for life to really begin could desire!

I decided that either Poison or Hypnotic Poison are more for me than the other flankers, and I'll be moving one of these amazing creations to the top of my next-to-purchase list. I wore Poison every day for around 4, years, but as the 90s took hold my head was being regularly turned by flirtations with fresher, more youthful fragrances of the era. Sometime in the mid 90's my best friend and I where kickin' it in the mall. We were at the fragrance area in Dillard's and next thing I know (seriously there is a blank space before it got into my hand) I have a bottle of Poison in my hand then I sprayed it.... It stole my breath away and I vowed to myself one day I would have it! I was sixteen or seventeen but I just knew it in my blood that we were meant to be together.

This version is a steaming plum, surrounded by a red wine syrup that has honey, tuberose petals, cinammon, anise and other oriental spices strained perfectly into a beautiful blood like consistency, surrounded by fresh flowers. I turned the heels to my old favourites and explore other paths.

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I suspect this is what would be considered a normal application in the eighties so that's how I did it - excessively, as though each spray didn't cost me roughly 45 cents. I always spray around 6 times and people refuse to sit next to me on the tram - I love it!

Less people trying to start a conversation with me.

While they are all very rich, intense, alluring scents, I think Pure Poison and Poison Girl are the lightest among them - they are more on a floral green-ish side and smell "light", "pink", "transparent" even, if that makes any sense.

But Poison and Hypnotic Poison are just mmmmmm...thick, dark-sweet, incensy, heady, dark-purple, pungent, intoxicating, witchy almost. Trying out all four of them on both wrists and elbows and on paper strips - that was some experience!

Remember the 80es and 90es, perfumes lasted for days... Even the "old beasts": Angel, Opium, Youth Dew, Poison, Hypnotic Poison... I've never had any vintage poison, only my squat little bottle of 2014 EDT.

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