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The following is a list of all operational losses of 514 Squadron Lancasters, with details checked with Bomber Command Losses (WR Chorley), RAAF archives and Nachtjagd War Diaries (Dr. The circumstances of the losses are as known or believed most likely.18-Nov-43 DS784 JI-C Mannheim P/O Thomas The aircraft left Foulsham at 1724hrs and was attacked, apparently by two night-fighters, exploding at or over Assesse, ten miles SE of Namur, Belgium. Erhard Peters, 1./NJG4 but was also claimed by Hptm. The crew had previously carried out one mining trip. The crew was, remarkably, able to get out of DS821 and into a dinghy where they could only await whatever fate held in store.

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Those killed are buried in Assesse Communal Cemetery. They were buried at Germendorf on 29th November 1943 and were subsequently re-interred in the Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery . Assembling a scratch crew he flew back along the return route and, seventy miles off the Norfolk coast, on the first leg of the search a Verey Light was seen and a dinghy in which there appeared to be six men was shortly afterwards sighted.

P/O SPL Thomas - Pilot KIASgt R Fontaine - Bomb Aimer KIASgt JL Brent - Navigator KIASgt F Thomas - WOP/AG KIASgt HA Lucas - MU Gunner Evaded (remained hidden in Brussels till Liberation)Sgt H Stagg - Flight Engineer KIAF/S PS Haines RAAF - Rear Gunner POW26-Nov-43 DS814 JI-M Berlin F/O Cantin Coned by searchlights as the aircraft left the target area and shot down by the flak battery of 1.-4./Schw. DS814 crashed at Germendorf, 4 km w of Oranienburg. Parts of DS814 were subsequently salvaged from the crash site and have been preserved by German aviation archaeologists. This was kept in sight for three hours during which time other aircraft on Air/Sea Rescue duties appeared and remained on the scene.

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