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I'm trying to get a good time stamp on this field because I know its age, and if I can determine an age of the shoe I can better determine what type of finds I might get at 10 to 12 inches. Had to quit years ago, and took up another line of work.And you would have to really know what you are looking at to tell hand made from factory if the blacksmith is good at it.Modern shoes are made from steel, which would be the major difference in identifying age.

Yeah, I was a farrier, but I took some heat over that name if you know what I mean, so I always called myself a horseshoer. Both are hind shoes, and both are what's called "hot" shoes, meaning that if nothing else is done to work the shoe hot, the heels have to be clipped to length by heating red hot then cutting them off using a hardie on the anvil and hitting it with a hammer.

People understand better, and there is less explaining to do. If the shoe was really deep, it probably got there because the ground was being plowed, therefore its depth really isn't a good indicator of age either. The shoe that is new was made in Japan and dates to when I was in business back in the 1970's.

When he started that thing each morning, it looked like the shop was burning down with somke coming out of every door and window. It would shake the ground for about a 50 foot circle. You normally thing of blacksmiths as being big burly looking characters, but he was a little man. It's just a hay field and I think it's been that way for a long, long time.

Here is the shoe I found about a foot down: And another angle with the measuring tape: Here's a shoe Krom found in the same field, obviously from a work horse and probably more modern ...

The rusty one is exactly the same, except it has a bit of corrective work done on one heel, making me think it's probably off of a driving horse used on a light wagon, or a buggy. Well, it was dug by the county when they were cleaning a roadside ditch in front of the house. As far as I know, nobody has driven a buggy to the church next door for probably 70 or 80 years.

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