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” If she is not running away from you, this is a good sign. He looked at me in bewilderment and shook his head. Guys who are yoga instructors see, meet and talk with women who are in shape (or getting there) all the time. If you as a straight man take up a subject of physical self-improvement –say The Paelo Diet– there is a strong chance you will be surrounded by women.23. The man who is brave enough to express himself to strangers is one worth meeting in person. I don’t care if you have to live far out where the rent is affordable, because it’s more manly to have an abode to yourself than to be roomies. All my buddies who still live with their folks fail regularly in dating. She didn’t care much about Somalia as she did about listening to me ramble with gusto and masculinity.28-b) Awareness: Be aware of 1) yourself, 2) your date, 3) the situation-at-hand, and 4) the situation-to-be. They also know where to go and how to get there.29. Most of my buddies who dislike their jobs also suck at engaging women.

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Smile big, even if you feel like a big dork that you were back in high school.

This way you know exactly what day and time to suggest when you are ready to ask a woman out.15. Coffee and drinks can too bland, too boring or too douche-ish for a first date. When the first date ends, regardless of how well it went, lead the woman to her car or her subway stop. If her grasp becomes weak, let it go and –as an excuse– scratch your nose. The crazy part is the date and I had only planned for an afternoon coffee.

Your troubles in dating is because you want a girlfriend badly, so badly that it is hurting your efforts. What you do is 1) ask her out a date, 2) go on the date, 3) wait a few days, 4) ask her out for a second date, 5) go on the second date and 6) nothing. It’s because we don’t give them a damn chance to reciprocate. You want to do blah-blah-blah with me this weekend? If she can’t do that for a third date, especially when the two of you recently had a pair of good one-on-one encounters, ditch her.5. ” from the soothing, baritone voice of yours when you call her for the first time. I promise you will not resort to texting as much once you experience how easy and fun calling a date becomes.6. People usually like hearing his/her own name, so say it as often as you can, and then say it some more. Giggles, Freckles, Dimples, Cheeks, Bubbles and Blondie are safe.9. It’s hard to see a man with a tie on a first date these days. Throw on a sport coat and to your date you have become The Man of Mystery. Dates go bad because usually you and the woman are at a place where there is a table between you. Nothing good lasts too long and the first date is no exception.

Shut down the Nice Guy act—because that’s often what it is, and act—-and learn to be good, firm, silly and charming and yourself.4. Instead being a headless chicken and riddling your week with all sorts of awkward encounters from online dating personalities, one weekday evening (preferably Wed or Thu) and one weekend afternoon (preferably Sat) set aside for dates. Just reach for her hand, grab it, walk across the street, and continue to hold. I once had a Twelve Hour Second Date that went like this: coffee (3pm), walk along the river (5pm), dinner (7pm), accompanying the date to a friend’s casual birthday party (10pm), drinks (12am), and walking her home (2am).

Unlike the smooth talker, they’re not using cheesy pick-up lines or negging you.

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